Brambleton Dentist Shares A Secret About His Favorite Little Patients: Kids!

Halloween Means Extra Brushing For Your Little Ones!


Did you know that the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends children to visit the dentist by one year of age?  At First Impression Dental, I treat children of all ages.  I have a four month old and a 3 year old myself…I get it!  I understand how hard it can be to get young kids to open their mouths.  Forget about them brushing their own teeth.

Does your child chew on the tooth brush every time you try and brush their teeth?  Sometimes, it is easier to get your child to bite down on the toothbrush than it is to get them to bite into vegetables.

Here is a tip: TICKLE them!  Next time your son or daughter refuses to open their mouth, tickle them until they start laughing.

1) It makes it really easy to see their teeth when they are laughing
2) They can’t bite down on the brush if they are too busy laughing

3)  This turns tooth-brushing into a fun & positive experience instead of a frustrating/stressful part of your bedtime routine

Has your child had his/her first dental visit?  I would love to meet them.  First Impression Dental treats the whole family, from Brambleton to the Broadlands, we serve all of Ashburn.

Open after work, Fridays, and Saturdays because we know life is busy for your family.

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Dr.  Reeves