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Thanks for reading the first installment of our Summer Series

Questions I don’t want to ask my Dentist, but I ask anyway!

(Because Dr. Reeves is so easy to talk to!)


Here we will reveal some of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked as health care professionals (maybe you have thought of some yourself 🙂 )


Number 10drum roll please

X-ray Fish-L


“Do I have to get X-rays?”


Of course not!  The choice is always yours when it comes to what you want to expose your body to and we will stand by your decision.

Let me tell you about some truths of Digital X-rays these days though- please, pretty please!

We can actually see a bone tumor sitting on your jaw bone on a Panoramic X-ray before you or I would even know it’s there!  Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, we can diagnose a potentially life-threatening condition with this X-ray!

Don’t know if your teen will get those (sometimes not so wise in their direction) wisdom teeth?  What lies beneath those gums? Good thing we have an X-ray to tell us if those little guys are going to potentially crowd the rest of your teeth, come in a funky way and need to be removed, or are pressing on your sinus causing you to have sinus problems! Whew…

“Man, my tooth has been hurting me… throbbing pain that comes and goes….what does that mean?”  Our Periapical X-rays can tell us about a single tooth issue such as this.  An infection could have invaded your nerve chamber, causing these symptoms to persist.  By consulting those darn X-rays, we can tell if that tooth is causing an infection that could reach your brain-stem or lungs & we can provide you with a solution!

Have you ever been told you are a “night grinder” or “day clencher” ? A simple set of Bitewing X-rays can show proof of this diagnosis (Bruxism) and allow you to seek proper treatment of this little habit by showing pulp stones in your nerve chamber.  Pulp stones are caused by irritation of your nerve, which in turn causes irreversible damage (and sometimes tooth loss).  If gone un-diagnosed for too long, you can continually break your teeth one by one, have irreversible bone loss, and wind up having to spend several thousand dollars repairing the damage with veneers, crowns, or other cosmetic solutions.

The radiation effects of our in-house x-rays (DIGITAL– welcome to the 21st Century!) require less radiation than a person is exposed to on an airplane flight from VA to CA.

In addition to the topics described above, dental X-rays may reveal other problems such as


                          bone loss

                                     decay between teeth

                                                       developmental abnormalities


“OK, Doc, I get it.  There is a reason you want to shove that huge sensor thing into my mouth causing me to gag and choke. Fine.”


🙂 Hopefully this answered any myths you may have heard regarding those pesky X-rays.


Happy Summer & Stay Tuned For The Next Installment of Dr. Reeves’ Top Ten!


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