I think I’m clenching my teeth- what can be done?

4. I’m clenching my teeth. What can be done, doc? 


Did someone bring to your attention that your nightly habits include grinding sounds that are similar to a mating cicada bug at night? (Am I turning into an animal?)

Do you typically wake up with headaches & facial / tooth specific pain? (Is it a root canal??)

Have you noticed sensitivity of your teeth, unable to enjoy fruits or other acidic items? (What’s wrong with me?)

The temporomandibular joint (better known as the TMJ) is a complex but also very sensitive little joint. Problems with this little guy are rising due to high stress levels in the world today. More people are experiencing these problems, so more people are interested in reading about how to prevent them.

We have seen a rise in the last decade of patients coming in with similar symptoms to the below picture as healthcare professionals…


Though there are several options available to treat this disorder, among the most conservative approach is to prescribe you a mouthguard.  These habits are often nocturnal, and you may need only to wear the guard during hours of rest.  A guard will help to protect your teeth from future wear and bone loss, and most importantly preserve the smile you already have.  This preventative solution can be custom fitted by your family dentist who is a head & neck specialist.

Other methods of treating TMD include: jaw surgery, dislocating/relocating the joint, or a full mouth reconstruction. 

Do these options seem drastic to you, too? Let’s go for the conservative solution of a mouthguard!


Thanks for reading and have a great stress-free day! 🙂



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