If You Have a Toothache in Ashburn…


A toothache can be caused by many things—an injury, gum disease, even a popcorn kernel can get pretty painful when it’s stuck! But sometimes a toothache can mean a more serious problem.

Inside your tooth are the root canals inside the pulp, where all the blood vessels and other tissues that sustain your tooth are located. If bacteria get into the pulp or root canals, through decay or injury, then the nerves become infected and that requires treatment, usually what we call a root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy involves treating any infection, removing the damaged pulp, and cleaning out the canals so they’re free of bacteria or debris. We then fill the root canals so they’re sealed against bacteria getting back in.

Once the tooth and the sealant have healed, we’ll place a crown to reinforce the tooth. The result is you will be out of pain and free of infection. You’ll also have kept your natural tooth intact, which is always our first goal in our dental treatments.

A root canal is no different than any other dental therapy. Our technology and pain management therapies have made root canal treatment a much quicker procedure and most people feel no pain at all! So call Dr. Carter Reeves, your Ashburn dentist today at 571-465-2114 if you have any tooth pain. Root canal therapy are just one of the many dental services we provide. Ask about our general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services.


Baby Dental Care Tips for Moms in Ashburn, VA

imageThere’s so much to think about when a new baby arrives. It can be pretty daunting! When your baby is a newborn, dental care might be the last thing on your mind. Or like many people, you may think that baby teeth aren’t that important since they’ll eventually fall out.

But pediatric dental care in Ashburn should begin even before that first precious tooth appears. Start out by using a soft cloth and gently wipe his gums when you’re giving him his bath. When his teeth start to appear, use a soft baby toothbrush and a tiny drop of non-fluoride toothpaste to gently brush his teeth twice a day.

If your infant knocks out a baby tooth, don’t worry—a permanent tooth will eventually grow in its place. But take him to the dentist to make sure that no underlying teeth were damaged and will still have space to grow in. Baby teeth are important because they help your child eat and speak and because they hold a spot in your child’s mouth for his permanent teeth to come in properly.

Your baby should have a first dental checkup about the time of his or her first birthday. Starting early with routine dental care will help your child develop a lifetime of good habits. And don’t neglect your own dental care! Call our dental office in Ashburn for your checkup at 571-465-2114.

Bleeding Gums: How Serious is It?

Did your gums bleed after flossing or brushing the other day? Did someone comment on your breath? Are your gums sore when brushing or flossing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a gum infection. Bleeding, bad breath, and soreness are all signs of periodontal disease. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that periodontal disease is the most common disease worldwide.

There are several stages to this wide-spread epidemic: Gingivitis, Early, Moderate, and Severe Periodontitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue itself. While Periodontitis affects the surrounding bone structure. This is a serious problem because once bone is lost, it is gone forever. Devastatingly, bone erosion causes loose teeth and eventual tooth loss.

Preventive Dental Care in Ashburn

Dr. Carter Reeves has received advanced training in treating periodontal disease, so don’t hesitate to call for an appointment. Infections only become worse and more costly to treat.

Please call us at First Impression Dental in Ashburn at 571-465-2114 if you notice bleeding or other irregular symptoms of the gums. We have extensive weekday hours, Saturday hours, and can make special accommodations if you have scheduling issues. Remember, the earlier you treat gum disease, the better you’ll prevent more serious problems later.

Set Your Child on the Right Path to Dental Health

Oh, when those first tiny teeth emerge in our babies! So much of our children’s development is measured by the progress in tooth development—first teeth, losing them to make way for adult teeth, braces. It’s important to start sound dental routines as soon as possible, in fact, as soon as that first precious tooth appears!

At First Impression Dental, Dr. Carter Reeves treats your entire family, including children at least 1 year old. If he notices that your family members are at risk for more cavities or other dental problems, he can take prophylactic measures to head those problems off before they start.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you clean your baby’s gums after feeding, using a clean, wet piece of gauze or washcloth. Begin brushing your child’s teeth with a little bit of water from the very start, but ask your dentist if you’re considering using toothpaste before your child turns 2. Even flossing should begin early, as soon as any two teeth touch.

You’ll want to supervise teeth brushing to make sure your child doesn’t swallow the toothpaste, and uses a just a little bit on a child-sized toothbrush. By the time they’re 6 or 7, they’ll be able to brush, rinse, and spit on their own.

The ADA recommends that you can start regular dental visits by the time your child reaches his or her first birthday. If you think your child is having dental problems, please call our office at 571-465-2114 to schedule an exam.

Are Fillings Bad for You? A Discussion By First Impression, Ashburn, VA

Are you thinking about replacing those metal fillings in your mouth? Dr. Reeves at First Impression Dental in Ashburn has training in metal and tooth-colored fillings, and wants his patients to be aware of the damaging differences.

Metal amalgam fillings are the least expensive. But a metal filling reacts like any other metal and expands when it’s heated and contracts when exposed to cold temperatures. Repeated expansion and contraction through the years can weaken your tooth, causing it to crack and finally break.

If the cracks go untreated, food and bacteria seep into your tooth and cause irreparable damage. Most often, this results in pain, gum disease and tooth loss. Bacteria can turn into gingivitis and full-blown gum disease.

On the other hand, tooth-colored fillings are made with a BPA-free plastic material that is bonded to your tooth. This provides a complete seal preventing food and bacteria from entering. In addition, this bond strengthens your tooth and prevents further cracking. Tooth-colored composites are not only pleasing to the eye but are an overall better long-term solution.

So, metal fillings will always cause cracks in time. Once cracks are present, they only get bigger. The solution to this problem is to remove the metal before these cracks appear. Come see us before you risk losing a tooth!

If you live in the Ashburn and Loudoun Valley areas, please call our dental office at 571-465-2114 for you and your family for checkups and any dental care. Our friendly and outgoing staff looks forward to taking care of all of you!