What Makes a GREAT Dental Visit?

First, it’s a fresh & happy face to greet you when you walk in. We are always looking for great team members to help in our efforts of providing A+ quality dentistry to you, from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave.


When we polled our patients, guess what the top 3 items on their lists were?


1. Wait time. HOW LONG DID I WAIT? Though we strive to never make a patient wait, emergencies happen and we do out best to accomodate every situation. You will be told upfront of these issues, so the expectations are clear. You will also be given the choice of rescheudling or being worked into the schedule at that time.


2. Comfort. DID IT HURT? “Ouch, did he just start drilling after I said I can feel that!” Dr. Reeves takes the additional 5 minutes prior to treatment to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Those of you who have had treatment with him know the old, “You shouldn’t feel this, but let me know if you feel anything other than pressure, please keep hands & feet inside the vehicle at all times.”


3. A+ Customer Service. WAS I TREATED WELL? Everyone we hire is encouraged and trained on our “Do whatever it takes to keep the patient happy” philospohy. Though some team members have not been able to get behind our self-sacrificing motto, we have found some roses among the thornes. Thanks for bearing with us as we continue this endevour.


Hands down, the most important things to us are what you guys think makes a great visit.  Thanks for sharing your feedback and we will continue to focus on giving you that “Never-having-to-open-a-magazine-I-didn’t-feel-a-thing-This-was-the-best-dental-experience-I’ve-ever-had” kind of visit!


Drs. Reeves

I think I’m clenching my teeth- what can be done?

4. I’m clenching my teeth. What can be done, doc? 


Did someone bring to your attention that your nightly habits include grinding sounds that are similar to a mating cicada bug at night? (Am I turning into an animal?)

Do you typically wake up with headaches & facial / tooth specific pain? (Is it a root canal??)

Have you noticed sensitivity of your teeth, unable to enjoy fruits or other acidic items? (What’s wrong with me?)

The temporomandibular joint (better known as the TMJ) is a complex but also very sensitive little joint. Problems with this little guy are rising due to high stress levels in the world today. More people are experiencing these problems, so more people are interested in reading about how to prevent them.

We have seen a rise in the last decade of patients coming in with similar symptoms to the below picture as healthcare professionals…


Though there are several options available to treat this disorder, among the most conservative approach is to prescribe you a mouthguard.  These habits are often nocturnal, and you may need only to wear the guard during hours of rest.  A guard will help to protect your teeth from future wear and bone loss, and most importantly preserve the smile you already have.  This preventative solution can be custom fitted by your family dentist who is a head & neck specialist.

Other methods of treating TMD include: jaw surgery, dislocating/relocating the joint, or a full mouth reconstruction. 

Do these options seem drastic to you, too? Let’s go for the conservative solution of a mouthguard!


Thanks for reading and have a great stress-free day! 🙂



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With all this EBOLA hype, should I be worried about visiting the dentist?

5. Should I be worried about coming to the doctor/dentist with everything I’m hearing about Ebola?


SHORT ANSWER… Not at all!


While we are following the guidelines the CDC has recommended, there is no cause for panic.

You may be asked if you have recently been overseas at your new patient appointment

and/or have your temperature taken if you are exhibiting any cold/flu like symptoms.

Click to learn more from the CDC:

Do I need to seal my kid’s teeth?

5. What are sealants, anyway?


Sealants are a thin, plastic coating that is painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth — usually the back teeth (the premolars, and molars) — to prevent tooth decay. The painted on liquid sealant quickly bonds into the depressions and groves of the teeth, forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth. (WebMD)

Best of all– they are BPA-free at First Impression Dental!

 No need to worry about any harmful chemicals!



  • aid in prevention of CAVITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

                                 highest cavity risk between ages 6-14

  • most insurances cover as a preventative service

meaning, no out of pocket expense to you

  • fast, easy, and painless procedure

takes less than 30 mins to apply to all chewing teeth

  • beneficial to patients of all ages

                                age doesn’t matter on this one, folks

  • save families, time, money, and future dental visits

let’s face it, you don’t want to be here more than you have to

  • fill in deep grooves, pits, and fissures on teeth


~OCTOBER is the month of candy! Do yourself a favor and have those chewing teeth protected from all that sticky, gooey, goodness! You don’t have to miss out on enjoying treats now and then, but you can avoid having to deal with the possible consequences!~    


*If you have any questions about your dental coverage or the necessity of this procedure for your family members, don’t hesitate to give us a call!*


Thanks for reading, and happy brushing! 🙂


Why don’t you offer metal anymore?

The countdown continues…

6. Why don’t you use metal anymore?


As with most dental topics, this has been a controversial discussion in the past.  Luckily with modern dentistry, metal isn’t the only option anymore…


DYK?  Amalgam (metal) fillings contain a mixture of all of the following metals:

                          mercury             silver               copper                  tin                 zinc

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to put that in my mouth or my son’s…

Here are some common problems associated with METAL TEETH:

  • allergies
  • gum infections
  • broken teeth
  • staining
  • mercury vapor
  • noticeable restorations
  • setting off an alert to TSA on your next flight with all that metal…. wait…


Though you may not get an extra pat down at TSA, you may experience any of the above referenced problems…


Our philosophy at First Impression Dental is to use the BEST materials that are the SAFEST and most RELIABLE.


We provide our patients with porcelain crowns and white composite fillings… both METAL-FREE!


 Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next question from our awesome patients!




Drs. Reeves





Do you serve GAS?

The Countdown Continues….


7.  Can you hook me up with some gas before my dental work?


While some offices, provide Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to “comfort” their patients prior to dental work, First Impression Dental does not serve gas with dental treatment and here’s why…


Possible Side Effects of the Nitrous Oxide Include:

  • Hypoxia– Low Oxygen (Help…I can’t breathe!)
  • Neurologic Problems (Where am I again?)
  • Hearing Difficulties (What did you say?)
  • Peripheral Neuropathy (I can’t feel my leg!)
  • Infertility– prolonged exposure can even risk our team’s health!


Though these side effects are rare, they are well-documented and a real possibility when it comes to “gassing up.”


In lieu of Nitrous Oxide, our practice offers other options, such as:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation/Hypnosis  The good Dr. Reeves’ compassion and gentle nature puts his patients at ease in the chair…no chemicals needed!
  • Relaxation Station– Netflix & Bose noise-cancelling earphones certainly help to create a relaxing world while you are here…catch up on your favorite show or latest big picture! 
  • Valium–  In some cases, patients choose this short-acting pill with virtually no risky side-effects that is our of their bloodstream by the time their appointment is over


 WE CATER TO COWARDS…the natural way!

Hear it from the horse’s mouth…our happy patients….


Somewhere on FI’s site, the word “coward” is used— that’s me. I was in excruciating dental pain earlier this summer and contacted FI through their site after reading some glowing reviews. I made an appointment via email a few hours after that initial contact.

I went and confessed to years of dental neglect but Dr. Reeves and his staff immediately put me at ease. Together we put established a plan of treatment to immediately deal with what was causing pain and we’ve gone from there to a point where I’m almost ready for the usual cleaning and maintenance routine — I never really imagined being at that point. The path has involved an extraction, root canal, replacement of old crowns, and some good old fashioned cavity-fixing.

His office is top-notch and state of the art. He -never- rushes and always helps me relax. There aren’t enough superlatives or stars for me to heap upon him and his team.

Jackie S:

After several years – I’m so lucky to have found a great dentist! Dr. Carter Reeves and his staff are the best. I am so impressed – Dr. Reeves and his staff are friendly, attentive, knowledgable and skilled people. And I can’t say enough praises. I had an intensive 2 hours in the chair today, lots of drilling and work done and absolutely no pain at any time. I felt comfortable the whole time (and I’m a coward when it comes to dental work) – it was a positive experience. I won’t be chickening out of any of future appointments. Thank you!


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The age old question…what age is the magic age?

Thanks for reading the 3rd installment of our TOP TEN LIST…

8. When do I start taking my kid to the dentist?


Can you believe Johnny can come to the dentist before he even starts school?

Hard to believe, but the latest ADA recommendation for children to start seeing a dentist is within

                                  6 MONTHS OF FIRST TOOTH COMING IN or by 1 YEAR OF AGE

When do those pearly whites start coming in, you ask?  Check out this handy chart to see when they are due to come in and when they might be falling out..eek!


And if your child is having a hard time with losing those guys, and wondering why they fall out, check out this cute book that explains their tooth stages to them!

how many teeth book

Happy Brushing! 🙂

The Smelly Truth!

The Countdown Continues…

9. “How do I keep my breath fresh?”


You’d be surprised to know it’s not just a matter of the mouthwash… I mean, how are you supposed to choose between the 852 varieties on the shelf anyway?

Though a good mouthwash is important, it is not the cure to ending bad breath.

First…what is causing that dreaded morning breath anyway?

It’s the yucky bacteria that has been feasting on leftover food that your toothbrush just couldn’t quite reach.

So, how do I get rid of it?

It’s that silly F-word again isn’t it?  The one the everyone hates hearing when they visit us.  “You need to floss more.” I’m sure you’ve heard it.

Flossing not only keeps your gums healthy and prevents early stages of periodontal disease, but it also removes that pesky under-the-gums-food and particles that cause the odors.

So next time you are wondering down the toothpaste and mouthwash aisle, go for a pack of floss!




Back to the mouthwash, though… if you are going to get some to leave you with that crisp minty flavor, follow these guidelines:

  • Alcohol- Free: Not the best idea to rinse with Jim Beam, eh?
  • Fluoride: One of the best tools of prevention against cavities
  • Color: The color does matter!  The darker mouthwashes will actually stain your teeth! Try to go for white, clear, or the lightest color you can find


*~Helpful Brushing Tip: Brush your tongue too!~*


Happy Flossing!

Dr. Reeves


Jimmy & Dave have a TOP TEN…And so do we!

Thanks for reading the first installment of our Summer Series

Questions I don’t want to ask my Dentist, but I ask anyway!

(Because Dr. Reeves is so easy to talk to!)


Here we will reveal some of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked as health care professionals (maybe you have thought of some yourself 🙂 )


Number 10drum roll please

X-ray Fish-L


“Do I have to get X-rays?”


Of course not!  The choice is always yours when it comes to what you want to expose your body to and we will stand by your decision.

Let me tell you about some truths of Digital X-rays these days though- please, pretty please!

We can actually see a bone tumor sitting on your jaw bone on a Panoramic X-ray before you or I would even know it’s there!  Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, we can diagnose a potentially life-threatening condition with this X-ray!

Don’t know if your teen will get those (sometimes not so wise in their direction) wisdom teeth?  What lies beneath those gums? Good thing we have an X-ray to tell us if those little guys are going to potentially crowd the rest of your teeth, come in a funky way and need to be removed, or are pressing on your sinus causing you to have sinus problems! Whew…

“Man, my tooth has been hurting me… throbbing pain that comes and goes….what does that mean?”  Our Periapical X-rays can tell us about a single tooth issue such as this.  An infection could have invaded your nerve chamber, causing these symptoms to persist.  By consulting those darn X-rays, we can tell if that tooth is causing an infection that could reach your brain-stem or lungs & we can provide you with a solution!

Have you ever been told you are a “night grinder” or “day clencher” ? A simple set of Bitewing X-rays can show proof of this diagnosis (Bruxism) and allow you to seek proper treatment of this little habit by showing pulp stones in your nerve chamber.  Pulp stones are caused by irritation of your nerve, which in turn causes irreversible damage (and sometimes tooth loss).  If gone un-diagnosed for too long, you can continually break your teeth one by one, have irreversible bone loss, and wind up having to spend several thousand dollars repairing the damage with veneers, crowns, or other cosmetic solutions.

The radiation effects of our in-house x-rays (DIGITAL– welcome to the 21st Century!) require less radiation than a person is exposed to on an airplane flight from VA to CA.

In addition to the topics described above, dental X-rays may reveal other problems such as


                          bone loss

                                     decay between teeth

                                                       developmental abnormalities


“OK, Doc, I get it.  There is a reason you want to shove that huge sensor thing into my mouth causing me to gag and choke. Fine.”


🙂 Hopefully this answered any myths you may have heard regarding those pesky X-rays.


Happy Summer & Stay Tuned For The Next Installment of Dr. Reeves’ Top Ten!


Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na, Batman!



FLUORIDE– When is too soon? Can I give my child too much?

legoI don’t know about you, but brushing my three year old’s teeth can be one of the most difficult daily tasks.  I brush after his breakfast and I brush as part of his bedtime routine.  Maybe it’s difficult because he knows that when he gets his teeth brushed it means I am leaving for work (or that he is going to bed).  Maybe its because those are the two times I am tired and just want to go to bed.  In either case, it is the most important task for my son’s oral health…and it’s my job to help him out with it in order to avoid problems in the future.

Research shows that most children cannot adequately brush their teeth until they can write cursive… this is roughly age eight.    In addition, most children cannot be trusted to spit out their toothpaste until after age six

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the following:
1) For children younger than three years: caregivers should begin brushing children’s teeth as soon as they begin to come into the mouth by using fluoride toothpaste in an amount no more than a smear or the size of a grain of rice.
2)For children three to six years of age, caregivers should dispense no more than a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste.
I encourage all parents to have their children practice brushing their own teeth, however an adult must then rebrush their teeth to ensure all parts of the teeth have been cleaned.  If you are having trouble getting your toddler/baby to open- try tickling.  It works!  Lay your child down on their back and have fun with it.  It makes brushing so much more positive and when your child is laughing hard you can see all of their teeth.  
In addition to twice a day brushing, I would recommend scheduling a check up every 6 months for your child. (DYK: A cavity can form in just 6 months time.)  A dental provider can provide your child with prescription strength fluoride which can cover those hard to reach areas and prevent cavities from forming.
If you live in Ashburn, Sterling, Brambleton, Broadlands and the surrounding areas, feel free to stop in and check us out. 571-465-2114
A little positive plug for the Lego movie- AWESOME!
Happy brushing!