Caring for Your Whole Family


Total Family Care in Ashburn, Even Emergencies!

Making sure your entire family is in the best dental health is of primary importance to Dr. Reeves and his team at First Impression in Ashburn.
Dr. Reeves’ life has always centered on family, and that caring attitude extends to his patients by offering comprehensive family care. He understands if one member of your family doesn’t feel well, the rest of the family is impacted.

“I am thankful for my family, especially the joy and laughter they bring me. They are a large part of who I am. In my practice, I see my patients as an extension of my family. I always have their best interests in the forefront of my mind. I treat them like I would want to be treated.” – Dr. Carter Reeves

Visiting First Impression Dental for regular dental exams and cleanings, fluoride treatments or sealants helps your family maintain good dental habits. Why would you want to take them anywhere else?

Contact us or call 571-465-2114 and make your family’s appointments today!

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