Beautiful, Confident Smiles Leave the Best Impressions!

When you want to leave the best first impression, and smile at yourself in the mirror at every opportunity, that’s where cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Carter Reeves comes into the picture. And for you, lots of pictures, featuring you! A dazzling smile leaves impressions of a happy, self-confident, outgoing, and successful person.

If you are unhappy with your current smile, we have smile design options that will improve your overall oral health as well as cosmetic appearance. Call us today and talk with us about your dreams for a healthy and beautiful smile.

A whitening treatment is one of the easiest ways to give your smile an immediate lift. Remove years of stains and dinginess with KöR® Deep Bleaching, a combination of in-office and at-home treatments.

If you prefer to whiten your teeth only at home, Dr. Reeves can prepare Pola day and night take-home trays.

A tooth-colored composite resin is applied in thin layers and shaped to the tooth to cover small cracks, lengthen crowns, and even restore chipped teeth. The composite doesn’t just cover the tooth; it creates a chemical bond that is a cohesive, integral part of the tooth. A special light hardens the resin, which is then polished by the dentist. The color is matched to your own teeth, making the bond imperceptible.

Dr. Carter Reeves can offer you several different methods of restoring your teeth. Porcelain veneers are the most natural looking and attractive option. Thin layers of porcelain are applied to your prepared tooth. The porcelain is color matched to your natural color and will have the same translucence that your real teeth do.

You can have that smile that looks perfect all the way back to your molars! When we fill a cavity, your tooth might need more restoration to help reinforce it. We do this with porcelain inlays and onlays. The only difference between them is that an inlay only fills in the top of your tooth, and onlays cover the points or cusps of your teeth.

Your smile may need very minor changes to make it more symmetrical. If your smile is too “gummy,” Dr. Reeves can use the dental laser to recontour your gums, revealing more of your teeth, or he can suggest crown lengthening, which may be indicated if you have periodontal disease.

If you have minor overlaps or inconsistencies in the tooth itself, Dr. Reeves will make very fine adjustments to recontour the tooth by filing extremely small and thin strips of material from the tooth. With very little work, you can make major improvements in your smile!

Are your teeth irregular or misaligned? If you’re an adult or teenager, you probably don’t want traditional braces, even if they do come in colors now! At First Impression Dental, you can have Invisalign® braces, which use clear “aligner” trays that are adjusted usually every one-two weeks to gently re-align your smile!






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