Are Fillings Bad for You? A Discussion By First Impression, Ashburn, VA

Are you thinking about replacing those metal fillings in your mouth? Dr. Reeves at First Impression Dental in Ashburn has training in metal and tooth-colored fillings, and wants his patients to be aware of the damaging differences.

Metal amalgam fillings are the least expensive. But a metal filling reacts like any other metal and expands when it’s heated and contracts when exposed to cold temperatures. Repeated expansion and contraction through the years can weaken your tooth, causing it to crack and finally break.

If the cracks go untreated, food and bacteria seep into your tooth and cause irreparable damage. Most often, this results in pain, gum disease and tooth loss. Bacteria can turn into gingivitis and full-blown gum disease.

On the other hand, tooth-colored fillings are made with a BPA-free plastic material that is bonded to your tooth. This provides a complete seal preventing food and bacteria from entering. In addition, this bond strengthens your tooth and prevents further cracking. Tooth-colored composites are not only pleasing to the eye but are an overall better long-term solution.

So, metal fillings will always cause cracks in time. Once cracks are present, they only get bigger. The solution to this problem is to remove the metal before these cracks appear. Come see us before you risk losing a tooth!

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