If You Have a Toothache in Ashburn…


A toothache can be caused by many things—an injury, gum disease, even a popcorn kernel can get pretty painful when it’s stuck! But sometimes a toothache can mean a more serious problem.

Inside your tooth are the root canals inside the pulp, where all the blood vessels and other tissues that sustain your tooth are located. If bacteria get into the pulp or root canals, through decay or injury, then the nerves become infected and that requires treatment, usually what we call a root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy involves treating any infection, removing the damaged pulp, and cleaning out the canals so they’re free of bacteria or debris. We then fill the root canals so they’re sealed against bacteria getting back in.

Once the tooth and the sealant have healed, we’ll place a crown to reinforce the tooth. The result is you will be out of pain and free of infection. You’ll also have kept your natural tooth intact, which is always our first goal in our dental treatments.

A root canal is no different than any other dental therapy. Our technology and pain management therapies have made root canal treatment a much quicker procedure and most people feel no pain at all! So call Dr. Carter Reeves, your Ashburn dentist today at 571-465-2114 if you have any tooth pain. Root canal therapy are just one of the many dental services we provide. Ask about our general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services.


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