Why don’t you offer metal anymore?

The countdown continues…

6. Why don’t you use metal anymore?


As with most dental topics, this has been a controversial discussion in the past.  Luckily with modern dentistry, metal isn’t the only option anymore…


DYK?  Amalgam (metal) fillings contain a mixture of all of the following metals:

                          mercury             silver               copper                  tin                 zinc

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to put that in my mouth or my son’s…

Here are some common problems associated with METAL TEETH:

  • allergies
  • gum infections
  • broken teeth
  • staining
  • mercury vapor
  • noticeable restorations
  • setting off an alert to TSA on your next flight with all that metal…. wait…


Though you may not get an extra pat down at TSA, you may experience any of the above referenced problems…


Our philosophy at First Impression Dental is to use the BEST materials that are the SAFEST and most RELIABLE.


We provide our patients with porcelain crowns and white composite fillings… both METAL-FREE!


 Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next question from our awesome patients!




Drs. Reeves





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