Do you serve GAS?

The Countdown Continues….


7.  Can you hook me up with some gas before my dental work?


While some offices, provide Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to “comfort” their patients prior to dental work, First Impression Dental does not serve gas with dental treatment and here’s why…


Possible Side Effects of the Nitrous Oxide Include:

  • Hypoxia– Low Oxygen (Help…I can’t breathe!)
  • Neurologic Problems (Where am I again?)
  • Hearing Difficulties (What did you say?)
  • Peripheral Neuropathy (I can’t feel my leg!)
  • Infertility– prolonged exposure can even risk our team’s health!


Though these side effects are rare, they are well-documented and a real possibility when it comes to “gassing up.”


In lieu of Nitrous Oxide, our practice offers other options, such as:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation/Hypnosis  The good Dr. Reeves’ compassion and gentle nature puts his patients at ease in the chair…no chemicals needed!
  • Relaxation Station– Netflix & Bose noise-cancelling earphones certainly help to create a relaxing world while you are here…catch up on your favorite show or latest big picture! 
  • Valium–  In some cases, patients choose this short-acting pill with virtually no risky side-effects that is our of their bloodstream by the time their appointment is over


 WE CATER TO COWARDS…the natural way!

Hear it from the horse’s mouth…our happy patients….


Somewhere on FI’s site, the word “coward” is used— that’s me. I was in excruciating dental pain earlier this summer and contacted FI through their site after reading some glowing reviews. I made an appointment via email a few hours after that initial contact.

I went and confessed to years of dental neglect but Dr. Reeves and his staff immediately put me at ease. Together we put established a plan of treatment to immediately deal with what was causing pain and we’ve gone from there to a point where I’m almost ready for the usual cleaning and maintenance routine — I never really imagined being at that point. The path has involved an extraction, root canal, replacement of old crowns, and some good old fashioned cavity-fixing.

His office is top-notch and state of the art. He -never- rushes and always helps me relax. There aren’t enough superlatives or stars for me to heap upon him and his team.

Jackie S:

After several years – I’m so lucky to have found a great dentist! Dr. Carter Reeves and his staff are the best. I am so impressed – Dr. Reeves and his staff are friendly, attentive, knowledgable and skilled people. And I can’t say enough praises. I had an intensive 2 hours in the chair today, lots of drilling and work done and absolutely no pain at any time. I felt comfortable the whole time (and I’m a coward when it comes to dental work) – it was a positive experience. I won’t be chickening out of any of future appointments. Thank you!


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