The Smelly Truth!

The Countdown Continues…

9. “How do I keep my breath fresh?”


You’d be surprised to know it’s not just a matter of the mouthwash… I mean, how are you supposed to choose between the 852 varieties on the shelf anyway?

Though a good mouthwash is important, it is not the cure to ending bad breath.

First…what is causing that dreaded morning breath anyway?

It’s the yucky bacteria that has been feasting on leftover food that your toothbrush just couldn’t quite reach.

So, how do I get rid of it?

It’s that silly F-word again isn’t it?  The one the everyone hates hearing when they visit us.  “You need to floss more.” I’m sure you’ve heard it.

Flossing not only keeps your gums healthy and prevents early stages of periodontal disease, but it also removes that pesky under-the-gums-food and particles that cause the odors.

So next time you are wondering down the toothpaste and mouthwash aisle, go for a pack of floss!




Back to the mouthwash, though… if you are going to get some to leave you with that crisp minty flavor, follow these guidelines:

  • Alcohol- Free: Not the best idea to rinse with Jim Beam, eh?
  • Fluoride: One of the best tools of prevention against cavities
  • Color: The color does matter!  The darker mouthwashes will actually stain your teeth! Try to go for white, clear, or the lightest color you can find


*~Helpful Brushing Tip: Brush your tongue too!~*


Happy Flossing!

Dr. Reeves


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