What Makes a GREAT Dental Visit?

First, it’s a fresh & happy face to greet you when you walk in. We are always looking for great team members to help in our efforts of providing A+ quality dentistry to you, from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave.


When we polled our patients, guess what the top 3 items on their lists were?


1. Wait time. HOW LONG DID I WAIT? Though we strive to never make a patient wait, emergencies happen and we do out best to accomodate every situation. You will be told upfront of these issues, so the expectations are clear. You will also be given the choice of rescheudling or being worked into the schedule at that time.


2. Comfort. DID IT HURT? “Ouch, did he just start drilling after I said I can feel that!”¬†Dr. Reeves takes the additional 5 minutes prior to treatment to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Those of you who have had treatment with him know the old, “You shouldn’t feel this, but let me know if you feel anything other than pressure, please keep hands & feet inside the vehicle at all times.”


3. A+ Customer Service. WAS I TREATED WELL? Everyone we hire is encouraged and trained on our “Do whatever it takes to keep the patient happy” philospohy. Though some team members have not been able to get behind our self-sacrificing motto, we have found some roses among the thornes. Thanks for bearing with us as we continue this endevour.


Hands down, the most important things to us are what you guys think makes a great visit. ¬†Thanks for sharing your feedback and we will continue to focus on giving you that “Never-having-to-open-a-magazine-I-didn’t-feel-a-thing-This-was-the-best-dental-experience-I’ve-ever-had” kind of visit!


Drs. Reeves

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